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The dry season has set in; clouds, let alone rain, are increasingly rare. The heat is now fierce, the earth hardening and soon to crack, flora beginning to wilt - but as yet no major water sources have dried up.
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28-03-2017, 03:31 AM
looking for info about something in particular?
work in progress, links and info coming!

for ic related stuff, look here:
    if you have an all welcome () thread that needs replies or conversely are looking for threads to reply to, this is the spot for it!

    looking for something exciting to do with your character, or just some casual threads with some new people? this is a one stop shop for plots of all sizes and extremities! don't be afraid to make a thread looking for rp partners, and/or reply to an already existing thread.

    sometimes overlooked, recent happenings in valoria can be found on the front page below the news links, along with the current ic month. if you're looking for more details, try out the pride histories maintained on each pride page or have a look at the battle log for links and results to fights that have occurred in valoria. if you're looking for something more recent than that, see if someone's requested an update yet in pride updates. the birth log contains all onsite births, expectant parents and current on-site mates.

    challenges are all those fights in valoria that are considered official and have great impact on the characters involved. those currently in progress are listed both in the challenge alerts on the front page and on related pride pages, while all fights are listed in the battle log. dominance matches, spars and any otherwise uncategorised fights aren't included in the alerts. considering making a challenge yourself? check out the guidebook for various pages about fighting, pvp and ranks.

    the chat log forum houses any roleplays you may have done off the boards (i.e. over PM or IM) for any reason. reasons can vary from not having access to the site at the time, to finding it easier to quickly spree posts over a messenger platform if you're short on time but have a vital plot-centric thread you need to get done.

    in no way is this the be all that ends all of herbs and plants for healing and poisoning but it can be a very useful resource for writing about such tasks without having to research on your own ( or make something up. c: )

    thinking about trying for a pride or helping out as a secondary leader? before you do, read this for an idea of the responsibilities and requirements involved!

    sky language originated with tabs and rach, and has since evolved to a complete (but still growing!) dictionary used by avian characters and those families that have been taught it, notably the ven'detta and delekr families.

for ooc related stuff, look here:
    not sure if the character you're designing would be considered a rare pelt or not? use these parameters to work it out!

    uncertain about the cost of a design? post here to get a price estimate!

    thanks to kite, we have a free set of bases available to us for use on valoria only! you can use these to make reference images of your characters by downloading the .psd files. if you don't have access to a program like gimp or photoshop, try asking for some assistance in the paintshop.

    ever wondered just how big of a size difference there is between the brackets? wonder no more thanks to these delightful charts brought to you by the wonderful lillee!

    what it says on the tin really; kite uses video tutorials to try and teach us how to make cool art. :D

    wondering just who your character is related to ( or perhaps who they aren't related to? ) here's your chance to find out. while unfortunately this doesn't include any new blood that has yet to marry in, it also rarely takes long for such intermarriage to occur. this is updated on a semi-regular basis so may occasionally be out of date; if you notice someone's missing, please feel free to let me know! ( the same if you'd like a direct link to a specific character c: )

    a long overdue attempt at a profile tutorial brought to you by yours truly and google docs. still a work in progress at this point in time but to be rectified shortly i hope.

    need to test your codes? this is where to do it. NOTE: posts are cleaned out every sunday so remember to save your tables once you've worked out their kinks!

    tables (and sometimes basic codes) provided by members of valoria for general use.

    table codes to keep track of milestones such as tasks, ranks and spirit requirements!

    a non-compulsory little nook to keep information about your families, be it traditions, laws, history, a guide to family members or just common genes.

    • WRITING FRENZY — may the character with the most posts win! sign-ups begin at the end of each month, ready for the rollover.
      • LAYOUT
      • WRITING
    • CHARACTER OF THE MONTH — know some amazing characters that deserve some recognition? nominate them for character of the month! the winner of each month gets featured in the sidebar. partway through the month, nominations are collected for site-wide voting so don't forget to vote for your favourite!
    • WHO'S WHO — just like yearbook voting, but monthly! this game's results gets a new thread each month, so remember to keep an eye out in the fun & games forum.
    • FEATHER BOX BINGO — if you're looking for long-term goals, try collecting your feathers in patterns that match these for a few extra points.

    looked through the guidebook and resolved question and suggestions but still uncertain about something, or have a suggestion for something to be implemented onsite? this is the place to do it. if you just want quick clarification on something, consider asking in the cbox first, but for an admin's official answer the q&s forum is the place to do it.

    for the newcomer, some of the valorian lingo used may be a little confusing at first! here's a quick little guide - feel free to post with any others you've heard that i've missed. c:

    • AW () — all welcome. essentially, this marks a thread that is open to replies from any and all, however there may be instances when exceptions are noted: e.g. at the borderlands, some players prefer not to have too many characters in the one pride and will prefer such recruiters not appear.

    • J () — joining. this denotes a thread in which the starting character is hoping to join the pride that resides in the host territory. by marking a thread joining, it indicates that they need a reply from a ranked character of the pride in order to accept them into the pride.

    • LR () — leader required. relatively self explanatory, this thread requires at least one of the leaders from the pride whose territory the thread is in. often, threads labelled as such are used for things like alliance discussions, trades and important messages.

    • MAN () — mandatory. this marks a thread that requires attendance from all pride members, excluding those currently on absence. often, lack of attendance will result in demotions or removal from the pride.

    • M () — mature. threads should be marked mature when the content exceeds the site's default PG13 rating. clarification on what counts as mature can be found in the mature threads & age guidelines thread found in chillout, under the age guidelines header.

    • MP () — mature + private. a thread that falls under the same ratings as a thread marked mature, but is also reserved for certain characters. permission can be given by the original poster for others to join in, though depending on the nature of the thread other participants should also be consulted.

    • OPT () — optional. pretty much what the name suggests, it indicates a non-compulsory thread. this is usually used for casual pride events and meetings.

    • P () — private. roleplay is restricted to those the original poster has indicated should post. if the thread is located in pride territory, the primary leader has the right to post without need for permission.

    • TSK () — task. this label indicates that the thread is being used for task purposes.

    • WAR () — war - raid or skirmish. indicates a raid or skirmish has broken out within the thread, or that there is a likelihood of the thread escalating to that level, e.g. a war party has invaded an enemy territory.

    • IR (Irdot) — infernia ridge.
    • RC (Rcdot) — rsorvic crater.
    • CP (Cpdot) — casinira plateau.
    • DG (Dgdot) — dakori green.
    • NM (Nmdot) — novana mountain.
    • SO (Sodot) — saphira oasis.
    • ZF (Zfdot) — zantera falls.
    • AJ (Ajdot) — askath jungle.
    • LT (Ltdot) — luminia tribe.
    • RB (Rbdot) — rogue band.

    • blands — colloquial name for the borderlands, the board where rogues go to receive invitations or be claimed into a pride.

    • DM — death match. pretty self-explanatory, a fight to the death. sometimes used affectionately oocly, "i'll dm you bro."

    • RE — random event. refers to the Random Event account, or any post/thread made by it. random events usually appear as some form of natural disaster, though it's not uncommon for there to be beneficial outcomes.


  • LOGS

    located in the navigation sidebar, the search is pretty self-explanatory and can be used to find characters, threads and anything in between.

    valoria tends to be a bit of a mixed jar when it comes to what codes work where. on the forums, bbcode and html both work and css for the most part does not. on profiles, css and html are compatible, but bbcode is not. the maximum width for posts on the boards is 480px. below are examples of some simple codes:

    • bold, italic, underline & strikeout
      bbcode: [b]text[/b], [i]text[/i], [u]text[/u] & [s]text[/s]
      html: <b>text</b>, <i>text</i>, <u>text</u> & <s>text</s>

    • posting images
      bbcode: [img]image url here[/img]
      html: <img src="image url here">

      html lets you add constraints too, so:
      <img src="url" width="200px" style="float:left; border: solid 1px #000000;">
      would give you a resized image sitting to the left of your text, with a black border one pixel thick.

    • linking

      — BBC
      [b]bold[/b], [i]italic[/i], [u]underline[/u], [s]strikeout[/s], [img]image url here to make it appear[/img], [url=url here]makes a link[/url]

      — HTML
      <b>bold</b>, <i>italic</i>, <u>underline</u>, <s>strike</s>, <sup>superscript</sup>, <sub>subscript</sub>, <small>smaller text</small>, <center>centered text</center>,
      <img src="image url here to make it appear" width="400px"> (the width portion is removable, and the number of pixels can be anything), <a href="url here">makes a link</a>, <span title="hover text here">regular text here</span> (this is useful for when characters are speaking other languages, put the english in the hover and the translation in the regular text area)
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28-03-2017, 10:30 AM
so i pinned this because it's AWESOME wow ty mie ;;
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