00 Writing Frenzy [CLOSED]
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Writing Frenzy [CLOSED]
A member since May 2015, Spirits of Valoria has made 394 OOC posts and currently have 0 points.
17-05-2015, 08:11 PM

Every month, the Writing Frenzy starts a brand new round! The objective of this game is simple: rack up as many in character posts as possible. The winner is the character with the highest amount of posts at the end of the month. Only posts from midnight on the 1st of the month until the last midnight of the month are counted! Remember that this time frame is based on Valorian time, which is the default board setting.

You can sign up with more then one of your characters, but the posts will be totaled together per character, not per player. Only members that sign up their character in the allocated time will have their posts counted. When sign ups are open, please post with the name(s) of the character(s) and the link to their account(s). Also, everyone taking part must report any OOC posts or double posts made in IC areas to keep the contest fair.

If you win the Writing Frenzy, the winning character will be taken out of the following month's running (if they entered).


First Place: 20 points, a custom title, and the Writing Frenzy feather
Second Place: 10 points
Third Place: 5 points

Current Entries


Previous Winners

January 18 Results
Cancelled due to lack of entries
December 17 Results
1st: Nikiri 120 ic posts
2nd: Eric 114 ic posts
3rd: Icefang 102 ic posts
November 17 Results
1st: Aphrodite 285 ic posts
2nd: Eric 164 ic posts
3rd: Brighid 68 ic posts
October 17 Results
1st: Orpheus 288 ic posts
2nd: Zelda 132 ic posts
3rd: Medusa 74 ic posts
September 17 Results
1st: Takara II 217 ic posts
2nd: Zelda 109 ic posts
3rd: Mrithi 79 ic posts
August 17 Results
1st: Isabeau 85 ic posts
2nd: Scatha 44 ic posts
3rd: Skulltula 42 ic posts
July 17 Results
1st: Mrithi 108 ic posts
2nd: Charmaigne 73 ic posts
3rd: Agrippa 58 ic posts
June 17 Results
1st: Absalon 91 ic posts

2nd: Lisbet 67 ic posts
3rd: Eric 62 ic posts
May 17 Results
1st: Eventide 114 ic posts

2nd: Michael 78 ic posts
3rd: Kaspar 67 ic posts
April 17 Results
Full list pending
March 17 Results
Cancelled due to lack of entries
February 17 Results
1st: Kaspar 85 ic posts

2nd: Mathias, Rythian 79 ic posts
3rd: Devora 70 ic posts
January 17 Results
1st: Thorsten 248 ic posts

2nd: Kivula 121 ic posts
3rd: Faelyn 56 ic posts
December 16 Results
1st: Collete 429 ic posts

2nd: Pemphero 157 ic posts
3rd: Skoll 149 ic posts
November 16 Results
1st: Harley 73 ic posts

2nd: Erebus 67 ic posts
3rd: Gwyn 57 ic posts
October 16 Results
1st: Romah 360 ic posts

2nd: Mnemosyne 185 ic posts
3rd: Harley 140 ic posts
September 16 Results
1st: Nikiri 230 ic posts

2nd: Pemphero 222 ic posts
3rd: Vermillion 167 ic posts
August 16 Results
1st: Drogo 109 ic posts
2nd: Drakon 64 ic posts
3rd: Eliza 60 ic posts
July 16 Results
1st: Pemphero 122 ic posts
2nd: Eliza 95 ic posts
3rd: Etienne 91 ic posts
June 16 Results
1st: Adele, Dione 200 ic posts
May 16 Results
1st: Skoll 56 ic posts
2nd: Etienne 54 ic posts
3rd: Iborcand 49 ic posts
April 16 Results
1st: Vedette 153 ic posts
2nd: Nefertari 136 ic posts
3rd: Nirvash 104 ic posts
March 16 Results
February 16 Results
1st: Gwyn 116 ic posts
2nd: Odelia 108 ic posts
3rd: Seymour 72 ic posts
January 16 Results
1st: Lacuna 188 ic posts
2nd: Atticus 127 ic posts
3rd: Eventide 126 ic posts
December 15 Results
November 15 Results
1st: Axilya 379 ic posts
2nd: Aphrodite 229 ic posts
3rd: Grimsley 182 ic posts
October 15 Results
September 15 Results
August 15 Results
July 15 Results
June 15 Results
May 15 Results
1st: Freckle 186 ic posts
2nd: Ilyena 96 ic posts
3rd: Aracelli 90 ic posts
April 15 Results
1st: Mictlantecuhtli 129 ic posts
2nd: Wocky 117 ic posts
3rd: Hazmat 98 ic posts
March 15 Results
1st: Aphrodite 377 ic posts
2nd: Artemis 154 ic posts
3rd: Wocky 87 ic posts
February 15 Results
1st: Rhuiddian 448 ic posts
2nd: Bronte 122 ic posts
3rd: Gottfried 86 ic posts
January 15 Results
1st: Maekar 318 ic posts
2nd: Bronte 175 ic posts
3rd: Luca 138 ic posts
December 14 Results
1st: Artemis & Seymour 180 ic posts
2nd: Aphrodite 140 ic posts
3rd: Avignon 110 ic posts
November 14 Results
1st: Bronte 363 ic posts
2nd: Azeban 158 ic posts
3rd: Gottfried 149 ic posts
October 14 Results
1st: Avignon 202 ic posts
2nd: Hazmat 108 ic posts
3rd: Sarina 100 ic posts
September 14 Results
1st: Ademt 86 ic posts
2nd: Padusa & Jaime 84 ic posts
3rd: Fazila 71 ic posts
August 14 Results
1st: Theophylaktos 218 ic posts
2nd: Halfrid 120 ic posts
3rd: Eightball 116 ic posts
July 14 Results
1st: Zahhak 89 ic posts
2nd: Kvasir 69 ic posts
3rd: Thurstan 59 ic posts
June 14 Results
1st: Justicia, Amant, Devante, Kristof, Alrisha, Elias, Lacuna, Rukan, Kito, Rythian, Faraz, Ilirhaeya, Atticus, Ruvaak, Abramelin, Aleksei, Fazila, Chimala, Odelia, Luna & Csilla 200 posts
May 14 Results
1st: Gottfried & Eightball 446 ic posts
2nd: Csilla 158 ic posts
3rd: ---
April 14 Results
1st: Constance 245 ic posts
2nd: Gottfried 241 ic posts
3rd: Coriolanus 157 ic posts
March 14 Results
1st: Kerberos 178 ic posts
2nd: Kito 141 ic posts
3rd: Ademt 97 ic posts
February 14 Results
1st: River 174 ic posts
2nd: Solaris 99 ic posts
3rd: Ademt 81 ic posts
January 14 Results
1st: Centuria and Imara 214 ic posts
2nd: Kerberos 131 ic posts
3rd: Devante 118 ic posts
December 13 Results
1st: Nier and Abbas 160 ic posts
2nd: Gottfried 138 ic posts
3rd: Donatien 135 ic posts
November 13 Results
1st: Avendar 277 ic posts
2nd: Csilla 183 ic posts
3rd: Rot 122 ic posts
October 13 Results
1st: Sydell 319 ic posts
2nd: Kachiri 182 ic posts
3rd: Abbas 181 ic posts
September 13 Results
1st: Aeshah & Imara 201 ic posts
2nd: Gottfried 117 ic posts
3rd: Ademt 81 ic posts
August 13 Results
1st: Rhaegar 133 ic posts
2nd: Artaud 98 ic posts
3rd: Centuria 97 ic posts
July 13 Results
1st: Hoshiko and Imara 263 ic posts
2nd: Centuria 168 ic posts
3rd: Marcel 157 ic posts
June 13 Results
1st: Nicodemus 200 ic posts
2nd: Rhone 126 ic posts
3rd: Ademt 69 ic posts
May 13 Results
1st: Montezuma 200 ic posts
2nd: Allure 180 ic posts
3rd: Devante 127 ic posts
April 13 Results
1st: Abbas, Cordelia, Eridanus and Stormshadow 250 ic posts
2nd: Devante 79 ic posts
3rd: Polaris 64 ic posts
March 13 Results
1st: King 155 ic posts
2nd: Cordelia 125 posts
3rd: Aarron 106 posts
February 13 Results
1st: Polaris 232 ic posts
2nd: Leaf 199 ic posts
3rd: Gizon 145 ic posts
January 13 Results
1st: Virgil 198 ic posts
2nd: Aarron 90 ic posts
3rd: Ino 76 ic posts
December 12 Results
1st: Iberis 115 ic posts
2nd: Xerxes 110 ic posts
3rd: Taryn 76 ic posts
November 12 Results
1st: Calabaza 105 ic posts
2nd: Taryn 63 ic posts
3rd: Rot 50 ic posts
October 12 Results
1st: Nahuar 131 ic posts
2nd: Castro 114 ic posts
3rd: -- ic posts
September 12 Results
1st: King 174 ic posts
2nd: Castro 128 ic posts
3rd: Jewel 109 ic posts
August 12 Results
1st: Torque 176 ic posts
2nd: Ulysses 149 ic posts
3rd: Nahuar 141 ic posts
July 12 Results
1st: Valens 202 ic posts
2nd: Cronus 176 ic posts
3rd: Ulysses 80 ic posts
June 12 Results
1st: Ahriman 156 ic posts
2nd: Saix 82 ic posts
3rd: Hannibal 43 ic posts
May 12 Results
1st: Bathory 149 ic posts
2nd: Feather 127 ic posts
3rd: Nahuar 122 ic posts
April 12 Results
1st: Soul 103 ic posts
2nd: Nazaire 72 ic posts
3rd: Bathory 68 ic posts
March 12 Results
1st: Jewel 173 ic posts
2nd: Soul 121 ic posts
3rd: Feather 73 ic posts
February 12 Results
1st: Rainflash 146 ic posts
2nd: Ige 132 ic posts
3rd: Fina 109 posts
January 12 Results
1st: Balthazar 131 ic posts
2nd: Rebecca 87 ic posts
3rd: Fina 86 posts
December 11 Results
1st: Aztec 92 ic posts
2nd: Jewel 63 ic posts
3rd: Bathory 55 ic posts
November 11 Results
1st: Jewel 140 ic posts
2nd: Calypso 110 ic posts
3rd: Rem 79 ic posts
October 11 Results
1st: Pulse 88 ic posts
2nd: Calypso 81 ic posts
3rd: Jewel 74 ic posts
September 11 Results
1st: Nyphillium 111 ic posts
2nd: Calypso 100 ic posts
3rd: Alucard 73 ic posts
August 11 Results
1st: Vigale 116 ic posts
2nd: Feather 87 ic posts
3rd: Calypso 82 ic posts
July 11 Results
1st: Micah 142 ic posts
2nd: Calypso 104 ic posts
3rd: Dagon 69 ic posts
June 11 Results
1st: Calypso
2nd : Pulse
3rd: Shujaa
May Results 11
1st: Calypso & Shujaa 174 ic posts
2nd: Haldir 137 ic posts
3rd: Pulse 70 ic posts
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mind mangles daylight
A member since Jan 2013, Annee has made 840 OOC posts and currently have 0 points.
01-01-2018, 03:18 PM
Jan 18 WF cancelled due to lack of entries.
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