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The dry season has set in; clouds, let alone rain, are increasingly rare. The heat is now fierce, the earth hardening and soon to crack, flora beginning to wilt - but as yet no major water sources have dried up.
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Saphira Oasis
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You may have noticed that the coding below is clumped together. It may be difficult to navigate at first, but to find information quickly please hit CTRL+F and search for a rank or category field and you will find them easily!

It is extremely important that you do NOT add additional linebreaks (a.k.a don't hit that shift key) when editing the pride ranks (adding linebreaks will leave huge blank gaps in between the tables). Linebreaks are okay in the about, news & law sections.

When adding an additional lion, teen, cub, prisoner or youth, simply add [ranksep*][charactername*] Character Name pinkpaw [/charactername*][charactertasks*] [notasks*] [/charactertasks*] after the LAST [/charactername*] in that category and BEFORE [sorank*] or [sorankheader*]. Without the asterisks.

Possible Pride Relation codes are: ALLIES, AT WAR, CAUTIOUS, DEFENSIVE PACT, ENEMIES, FRIENDLY, NEUTRAL or UNKNOWN. If there is an additional pride relation that you would like to be added, PM staff with your idea.

If you have any questions about the coding, please feel free to PM staff and they will respond ASAP. Thank you!

About Saphira Oasis
An unforgiving place, the oasis is rife with dangers and restless landscapes. Between the hot, unsteady sand and the thick of the jungle that surrounds, there is a natural foreboding air to the land. Obscured denizens patrol the dense perimeter, while freer spirits bask in the sand and pools. It's a territory of extremities, and those that inhabit it are no different.
Pride News
NEW! JANUARY 8TH: Since Swan is back from absence you can expect the Oasis to be active again! And we've gotten plenty of visits to the borders. Does this mean we're going to get the massive slumber party for Eric's birthday? I call the bouncy castle! — Swan

DECEMBER 25TH: MERRY CHRISTMAS SAPHIRA! Takara's cubs coming of age means we have two new members waiting in the wings. Not bad for trying to rebuild Valoria's biggest love octagon, huh? — Swan

DECEMBER 20TH: Saphira's quiet, as most members have moved on to greener pastures, and less blond kings. Rhysand has accepted to stay, as long as he keeps his rank of lord. It's okay. Blonds have more fun. No, that's not Eric sniffling in his den. Whatcha talking about? — Swan

DECEMBER 15TH: Hi, hello. Parasite here. Name's Eric. This guy rose victorious in the challenge, much to the surprise and uproar of most Saphirans. But hey, if you can take a little break from packing up the bags and the children, he'll offer you a cookie. Just take it. Take the cookie. — Swan

DECEMBER 14TH: Another parasite has attempted to take the Saphiran throne! This time, Alysanne has no plans of handing any crowns over. This time, she's determined to prove her worth in battle. In other news, sparks seem to be flying between multiple members. What could this mean for the future of Saphiran family-hood? — Lynx

DECEMBER 10TH: In these trying times, Alysanne has once more ascended to Queen in order to ensure the pride's safety in the wake of Charmaigne's and Mercury's disappearances. — Lynx

DECEMBER 7: The energy of the Oasis has died down but with it comes the strength of Rhysand who has become our new Duke! Alysanne and Kari, in an unsurprising turn of events, have become un-titled mates! That, however, are this week’s events! Tune in next week for more! — Kira

DECEMBER 1: The Oasis remains unsettled and unknown, Charmaigne's uprising forcing a few members to rethink their loyalties while some decide to follow in Alysanne's trust. Umbra has officially joined the motley crew, Duke Ardghal has left for another pride ( oh no! ); what other twists are in store? — Kira

NOVEMBER 22: Rank shuffle ahoy! Supporters are rewarded and dissidents downgraded, welcome to the new age. — Mienrah

NOVEMBER 20: War appears to be brewing between Zantera Falls and Luminia Tribe, the King and High Queen are currently on standby but be prepared should Saphira get involved! New rules are now up, and just a reminder that the dates may be a day ahead of you since I'm working from my timezone. — Mienrah

NOVEMBER 18: Feeling betrayed by being granted the low rank of Baroness, Charmaigne decides to challenge Kari for Saphira Oasis Heiress. Before our Heiress could arrive, however, High Queen Alysanne arrives at the scene and offers an unexpected twist. Charmaigne rises as our new High Queen! — Andrew
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Leader Ranks
Eric Björklund bluepaw N/A
--- pinkpawN/A
--- bluepaw/pinkpaw N/A
High Ranks
--- bluepawN/A
--- pinkpawN/A
Rhysand Vražda bluepaw N/A
--- pinkpawN/A
Medium Ranks
--- bluepaw N/A
--- pinkpaw N/A
--- bluepaw/pinkpawN/A
Low Ranks
--- bluepawN/A
Takara II Dahl pinkpaw
--- bluepawN/A
--- pinkpaw N/A
--- bluepawN/A
--- pinkpawN/A
Mercury Miroslav bluepaw N/A
Gaston Dieudonné bluepaw N/A
Kivula Ven'detta bluepaw N/A
River Warcall pinkpawN/A
Fillipa Frei pinkpawN/A
Annunciata D'ambrosio pinkpaw N/A
Sosthene Dieudonné pinkpawN/A
Dragana pinkpawN/A
Jacques bluepawN/A
Lea pinkpawN/A
Grish pinkpawN/A
Pride Statistics
6 bluepaw & 8 pinkpaw
Total: 14 Sodot
Pride RelationsPride Laws
I: Eric understands. Eric's here to help you. No, Eric isn't Mother Gothel. But hey, if you talk to him and let him know what's bugging ya, then it's far more likely that things get resolved. He is not mind reader so use some BODY LANGUAGE. Or just talk...like a normal person.

II: Yeah. We all know Nikiri pulls other girls' hair in the bathroom. We all know Rankesh has a temper. Eric doesn't expect you to share their views or be buddy buddy with his allies, but at least show some neutral respect.

III: Talking about respect. Do respect each other and other people outside of the pride. Eric has enough enemies, he can't be running around trying to save your ass. Though he'll try. And then you'll wonder why the hell you live here, but give him candy for trying.

IV: If you're gonna pop a litter of kiddos, let Eric know. Simply because it's in your best interest. He'll make sure you're comfortable, and that the pride avoids you when you're feeling hormonal. Also he's a great baby name picker. His suggestions include Eric the third, Eric the fourth and Eric the fifth.

V: Last but not least. If you're gonna pick a fight, put your best foot forward. And get that wound cleaned. Ya nasty.
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31-12-2015, 11:15 PM
History of Saphira Oasis
Year 11
Sodot i've got your back
With the goings on between Svaldifar and Axilya, Svaldifar has decided to take a step back from being a king to focus on his upcoming cubs.. And to protect his newest mate from Dakori. Thus, he has passed the crown to Orin.

Shortly after Orin takes the lead of Saphira, the oasis becomes flooded with Delekrs coming in from outside Valoria seeking a home. The prides numbers have swollen despite those that left upon the crown's passing.

SodotIrdotAjdotDgdot queen of my vaccine
Bronte has joined the pride, and shortly after challenged for the rank of queen! With a new queen and many of the active ranks filled, Saphira has seen a boom of activity and increase in membership! Also of note, Alliances were formed between Askath, Infernia and Zantera. Orin also spoke with Eventide, the Dakori king to find the Oasis's standing in terms of alliance.

Challenges are on the rise! Many of the ranks that were unfilled are now being claimed. How many will go uncontested?

SodotLtdot round one fite
Cloud has left Saphira after a record short stay to become the Empress of Luminia! Perhaps there is another alliance in the works?

Sodot turning the page
Orin has vanished from the pride, leaving Svaldifar as King once again. Shiona calls the pride together to inform them while Svaldifar struggles with the decision of what to do.

Sodot this is my fight song
Svaldifar has passed on the crown to his brother Hunter, having no desire to lead the pride himself and under the terms that his stay as Heir is temporary.

Sodot whips & chains
The new King Hunter crowns Axilya Queen next to him with Svaldifar as heir. Together the trio attempts to reforge the Oasis.

September - December
Sodot you will kneel
Axilya requests her freedom, then steps up as the first lioness to challenge for a pride (Dakori). Svaldifar exits the pride with his cubs shortly preceding the challenge.

Sodot who run the world
Bronte challenges for Saphira (supported by several Delekr, the King's extended family), however Hunter comes out victorious and retains his crown.
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11-05-2016, 11:15 PM
History of Saphira Oasis
Year 12
SodotZfdot this is not a drill
Zantera's Queen Odelia arrives at the Oasis asking for aid defending Zantera from the ill intentions of Shuuja should the brute win his challenge for the Zanterian crown.

Ranger vanishes and the pride loses a prince. Nike steps down from his position as Heir, and Six goes from Queen to princess to focus on her cubs. Queen Wokabi and King Hunter find out they are expecting their first litter of cubs.

Sodot never grow up
Queen Wokabi delivers an extremely impressive litter of six cubs.

SodotAjdot revival
An alliance is rekindled between Askath Jungle and Saphira Oasis.

Sodot and i might be okay but i'm not fine at all
Princess Six is tragically lost in a Death Match against the lion who once held her captive, the rogue Rex. Hunter is swift to engage him in a Death Match of vengeance.

Sodot he hit me but it didn't hurt me
In a thirst for vengeance upon Hunter after allowing Axilya to be freed and challenge for Dakori Green, Adèle makes a challenge for Saphira Oasis. Before the fight can even commence, a great storm strikes down and Hunter falls to a bold of lightning. This makes Adèle the first High Queen of Valoria!

SodotIrdot sunset on her breath
Adèle finds herself in need of someone to rule beside her, and with her husband, Eventide, ruling Dakori, she must look elsewhere. So she travels to Infernia Ridge to fetch her sister, Diônê, who is freed by Infernia's king to come help rebuild the Oasis.

Sodot expectations
Adèle accepts a new member, Zelda, into the pride ranks. The former Rsorvic Queen wastes no time in making a name for herself and besting the current Lady, Brinley, in a battle for her rank.

SodotIrdot unleashed amazon
Saphira is made aware of Infernia's disbanding after Iborcand falls from the ridge. Aphrodite returns Diônê's children to her and informs her that the rest of Wocky's family will be moving to Dakori Green.

Sodot now your mess is mine
The High Queen gives birth to a healthy litter of two, welcoming princess Seraphine and prince Sotiris to the world.

SodotDgdot exodus
Dakori Green is overrun with snakes, leaving it uninhabitable. Refugees from the forest run to Saphira in search of a safe place to stay. The future of the Green remains uncertain.

Sodot burn it to the ground
More refugees from Dakori's snake invasion come in the form of Iborcand and Ilyena. The High Queen welcomes them and adorns both with ranks.

Sodot juicebox
Diônê hosts a pride hunt to increase the pride's food cache. A number of lions show to help the queen on her hunting trip.

Sodot darkest side of me
After the loss of her husband, Hunter, Wokabi no longer feels like Saphira is the right place for her to be. She asks for her and her cubs' freedom, and in a rare moment of empathy, Adèle grants it.

SodotDgdot series of unfortunate events
The missing ex-king of Dakori Green finally shows himself at the pride borders, bedraggled but not unwell. Adèle, grateful to have her husband back, welcomes him with open arms and appoints him as her heir.

Sodot what i live for
Adèle has gathered the necessities to throw a party but not just any party, a joint birthday party. With Devora and Solomon turning one and Diônê's girls, Astrid, Anaïs, and Thaïs, right behind them, it proves to be a prefect occasion to bring the pride together.

Sodot paper airplanes
After a solo hunt gone array, Adèle somehow manages to arrive back at the Oasis. Diônê finds her sister bleeding out and calls for help. Will a healer save Valoria's first High Queen?

Sodot it's just beneath the skin
Drogo Dantanian has shown up at the Oasis borders looking to join. Apparently, several of the princesses know the boy but Eventide is not as welcoming. Only time will tell if Kerberos is behind this decision to join.

SodotDgdot The Depths Of A Man's Soul Is Not Measured In The Manner Of Meters And Fathoms
It appears the snakes have withdrawn their hold upon Dakori Green and Amon seeks to make it his own. But Wocky is the first to step up and challenge his claim. Will the Demodras Patriarch rule once more?

Sodot Looking for Knives
Diônê challenges King Eventide for Saphira Oasis, only to have him simply hand the crown over to her without a fight.

RcdotSodot They Say We've Lost Our Minds; We've Just Gained Control
Vedette visits the Saphira in hopes to secure an alliance for Rsorvic and Diônê is eager to discuss politics in hopes to benefit both of the prides.

Both Furio and Erebus arrive to the Oasis borders, one seeking an alliance for Zantera and the other ensuring theirs still stands with Askath. But alliances aren't only occurring on the home front as Diônê has made the trip to Casinira to keep the pride up to date.

Sodot Come Knocking
It appears as though Pemphero has made a new friend, the former King of Saphira. With Hunter searching for revenge, will he get what he needs?
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History of Saphira Oasis
Year 13
Sodot give it up for the girls in black
Rinoa finds her mother at the Oasis and Zelda welcomes her into the pride.

Sodot he knows that my love is fire
Diônê gives birth to Hecate and Lysandros.

Sodot A New Era
Saphira disbanded and after a short fight, and some elephants interrupting, Ákos rises as the new King.
For the new pride, Ákos hosts a feast to see who has been doing their duties, and if anyone else has joined.

It cold. Snow has wrapped itself around the Oasis and Ákos calls for the pride to discuss what to do in time to catch prey for the upcoming cold. With the Oasis being small it shouldn't be hard.

Sodot Hushabye Mountains
Elpis gives birth to the Kings first set of cubs. Welcoming into the world a set of baby girl twins! And the first princess' to the Oasis since Ákos took the crown.

Sodot YOLO
First rank challenge since Ákos became King, by Harley for the rank of Heiress.

Sodot Evacuatıon
Coming to his senses, King Ákos goes to Mercury and seeks shelter for his pride. When he returns, the Oasis King begins to gather his pride to evacuate them out of the four foot snow pride land.

Ákos has returned to the Oasis to find 2 feet of the snow - that was once four feet - gone and welcomes the pride back to its homeland!

Scheherazade has called for Ákos to defend for his crown.

After defeating Akos in battle, Scheherazade has called the pride together for a meeting to discuss their future plans.

Tove, recently joining Saphira Oasis, challenges for the rank of Baroness!

Sodot Rcdot Party Time v4
Queen Vedette of Rsorvic Crater comes to invite the Oasis to a party - High Queen Scheherazade suggests that they use the celebration for alliance purposes.

Baroness Tove challenges Jinkx for the rank of Saphira Oasis Duchess

Sodot ‹ S3VEN DEVILS ›
Ira Salem has joined the pride and been promoted to the position of Heiress, marking a new beginning for Saphira.

Sodot Zfdot a loaded god complex
Erusen, Zantera's newest King arrives in Saphira to barter an alliance.

Sodot Like A Bullet Through A Flock Of Doves
New member Ekaitz, brother of Ira, rests no time in getting business done. He challenges for the rank of Duke and wins without opposition.

Sodot Rbdot m o v e your feet
Raya requests to be released to the Rogue Band. Tyrant Thorsten arrives to discuss matters and the High Queen exchanges a few terse words which results in Raya's release regardless.

Sodot { { RAGE, rage against the D Y I N G of the LIGHT } }
After Rsorvic disbands, Smaug, former King of the Crater, seeks refuge in the Oasis. Interesting times lay ahead for Saphira.

High Queen Scheherazade calls for the women of the pride to gather for a spiritual meeting to strengthen pride morale.

Sodot desert unicorns
Flashbang calls for a pride hunt, having found some interesting tracks.

Amour, High Queen of Askath and Eldric, King of Askath, come to the Oasis to suggest an alliance between the two prides.

Sodot At Dawn's First Light
Saphira hopefuls Ebon and Rhoe arrive at the borders, only to be turned away by Ira and Tove for Rhoe's behaviour.

Scheherazade gives birth to her litter with Novana King Mathias and former Rsorvic King Smaug.

Sodot Ltdot Rcdot A ROSE FOR EMILY
Allegations are made by Erenvel against Collete of Luminia, claiming that she is a traitor to her father, former Rsorvic King, Smaug and thus her family.
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History of Saphira Oasis
Year 14
Sodot Dgdot fragile beginnings
Skaleir, newly crowned King of Dakori Green, comes seeking an alliance with the Oasis. Only time can tell if such an alliance is to be seen as fruitful or not.

Sodot W R E T C H E D
Former Askath High Queen comes to join Saphira and successfully challenges for the rank of Duchess.

Sodot Rcdot Zfdot Nmdot AIM FIRE, BLOW IT AWAY
A challenge for Rsorvic Crater turns into a war against Infernia Ridge, of which the decision is made by the three leaders of Saphira, to join the efforts of their allies.

Sodot Rcdot Zfdot Nmdot Irdot STRIKE BACK!!
War begins against Infernia.

Sodot ‹ TOOTH & CL4W ›
Ira rushes a message to the pride to heed the call of war and head to Infernia to support the pride and its allies.

Sodot ‹ KINGDOM COM3 ›
Scheherazade, having been poisoned by the pride's enemy, passes the crown to Ira Salem.

Sodot ‹ I'M 1N CONTROL ›
Ira Salem, newly crowned High Queen calls for a mandatory meeting of the pride to discuss recent matters.

Ira Salem heads to Rsorvic Crater to discuss matters of the alliance between the two prides.

March - August
Sickness drives the lions from Saphira Oasis. It remains dormant throughout these months.

Sodot oh, ye of so little faith
After laying abandoned and disease ridden for months Umbra discovered the land is once again habitable and claimed the pride for herself. Her family came to support her and the plateau monarch, but if the cold blooded queen can hang on to her throne will be the true test.

Sodot Perception and reality are rarely the same
Lady Vedette brings home a new recruit with her, and he quickly catches the predatory queen's eye. After a rather intense first meeting Umbra decides not to bother Ragnarok any more and leaves Vedette to show him around.

Sodot new blood [M]
The heavily pregnant queen finally gives birth to a litter of healthy hatchlings in the Oasis, Sosthene, Ghislain, Dragana and Leonie. A brood of crocodiles, wolves and dragons. Dieudonne-Krokodila hatchlings.

Sodot my way;
In an almost strange and unnatural occurrence, Alysanne lays claim on Saphira Oasis in hopes of creating, well, an oasis for she and her family! However, worried Rsorvician King Vermillion shows up with concern for his family. Alysanne offers to help find the displaced former Saphirans, and Vermillion's family.

Sodot Ajdot Trespass
Varin, randomly happening upon the Saphiran borders, decides he wants it for himself. Alysanne answers his challenge with gnashing fangs. What will happen now?

Sodot life is my creation;
Ivizzi has her sights set high! The newest Saphiran member decides to go for Duchess! As an inexperienced Valorian, Alysanne wonders what exactly a Duchess is...

Melisandre shows up on the borders and collapses! Mercury discovers her, but is it too late?

Sodot let it snow!
Ivizzi and Alysanne discover that snow has begun falling in Saphira Oasis! Having never experienced snow before, Alysanne inquires about it, and the two agree the occasion is festive enough for a pride event!

Sodot Ajdot Trespass
The challenge does not last long. In a strange turn of events, Alysanne prods for Varin's inspiration, and finds out he simply wants to come home! Feeling some sympathy for the misplaced, Alysanne agrees to invite Varin. Accepting nothing less than a healthy share of the leadership pie, Varin agrees.

Sodot Ajdot Irdot Nmdot No way, Jose!
Peace does not last long, however. Ivizzi, having taken offense to Alysanne's left-field decision, shows her displeasure by calling for Varin's rank. Alysanne, realizing the error of her mistakes, decides it's time to leave her past behind, and become a true Queen, starting with the purging of her ranks. Ivizzi and Varin are stripped of their titles, with the latter leaving in a fit of rage. Now with more enemies than friends, Alysanne is left to pick up the pieces of her angry outburst.

Sodot snowlight ❋
Not all things are looking down, however. Despite all that's been going on, Alysanne and Ivizzi's pride event begins on the coldest night of the year! Pride members, allies, and rogues alike begin to gather for the Oasis's winter wonderland.
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History of Saphira Oasis
Year 15
Sodot Dgdot hi-diddly-ho!
Takara II, Queen of the Green, shows up at Saphira's borders hoping for an alliance! Awestruck, and rather new at the whole making-alliances thing, Alysanne accepts Takara's offer and thus begins a new, blossoming friendship between the two Queens!

Sodot look what i did!
Worried over the temporary lack-of-presence of her mate Mercury, Alysanne seeks out Kari in hopes of having an extra hand help out around the pride. Kari accepts, and becomes the new Heiress of the Oasis.

Sodot Cpdot cardinals & canaries
In an effort to become a more fruitful Queen, Alysanne seeks out Kaspar of Casinira for an alliance. With very much the same mindsets and goals for their prides, both Queens agree, and a new friendship is blossomed!

Sodot Rcdot rise up, eyes up
Considering Vermillion a rather good acquaintance, and near-friend, Alysanne seeks out his borders in hopes of alliance, and advice. Both leaders having grown rather fond of each other, Saphira's and Rsorvic's bonds are tightened and sealed - but will their alliance be further tested down the line?

Sodot pumpkins and fangs
Halloween kicks off with a Saphiran event. Kari calls the pride together to decorate, feast, and tell stories! [ongoing]

Sodot Irdot // what is it I'm after, searching for D I S A S T E R
The process of a new familiar ally is on the horizon, Kari speaking to her newly crowned father for the chance at companionship. While they might not be within the same pride, the least she can extend is some friendly assistance whilst he grows!

Sodot beat the devil to it;
Seeking further assistance with Saphira's leadership, High Queen Alysanne summons her mate, Mercury. Being a former King of both Casinira Plateau and Zantera Falls, Mercury decides to finally step back into the spotlight by accepting her plea.

Ajdot Rcdot Rbdot Zfdot Sodot Ltdot Nmdot Cpdot A Fondness For You, But A Lust For What You Have
Crap hits the actual fan when the Askath-challenge-gone-wrong erupts into an all-out brawl between Medusa and co. and Vermillion and co. Saphira is drawn into the mix when Alysanne charges into the fray at the defense of her closest ally. But there seems to be more weight here than just a simple brawl...for unknowingly, the opposing team is the ally and family of the very Varin who tried to take Saphira before! Out of the blue, Charmaigne comes to Alysanne's defense as he is attacked from behind. What will this act of courage mean for their tensious relationship? [ongoing]

Irdot Sodot red n toasty
The new month is marked by ambition from the pride's former Marchioness. Alysanne, with full knowledge that Bronté desired a crown, is surprised to see that Askath, the home of her enemy Devante, was no longer the subject of her desires. Instead, the woman heads for the red rock Kingdom, the former homestead of Heiress Kari's father. Tension is thick in the air, while Alysanne tackles with being supportive and happy for her friend, while also searching and wondering desperately about the fate of the fallen King.

Ltdot Bloody Things
With Alysanne's distaste for the Empress, it comes as a small pleasant surprise to see Vedette unearthed from her throne. However, with no knowledge of who the new Empress is and what her rule may be, Alysanne decides instead that Luminia Tribe is safely off her radar. Does this mean there will be no more quabbles in the Borderlands about cub claiming, though? We'll have to see!

Nmdot Sodot shout like a hurricane,
Varin and Alysanne standoff at the volcano, with the former seeking perhaps an opportune moment to throw his opponent into the fiery pit. However, Varin and Alysanne instead opt for peace talks, which involve Alysanne coming to the mountain. Alone. Scary, right? But in an effort to keep her loved ones safe, Alysanne is all too wiling to sacrifice herself for the safety of her pride, and agrees.

Sodot • stranger than earth
With every intention of keeping her loved ones in the know, Alysanne calls Mercury and Kari to a secluded spot of the Oasis, and tells them of her plans with Varin. Fearing the worst, she asks Mercury to take the Oasis if she were to not return. While her family begs her to stay, the all-too-stubborn Alysanne seeks to right what she feels has wronged. Is this all truly just about her little slip-up with Varin, or is there something more, reaching into Alysanne's past, that she is trying to atone for?

Sodot Nmdot and I’ll love the world like I should, MATURE
The peace talks between Varin and Alysanne come to fruition, as a verbal debate erupts between the two. Tentatively, however, peace is brokered, but with one odd demand: Varin seeks to lay with Alysanne, as punishment for her own embarrassment against him. Alysanne rejects this, but before Varin can force himself upon her, he stops, and releases her. Alysanne returns to the Oasis unscathed, and with a new and tentative era of peace. Just how long will this peace last, though?

Sodot habits of my heart `
Alysanne calls a pride meeting after peace is tentatively brokered between Saphira and Novana! However, not all things are looking up as Alysanne breaks the news to Mercury and Kari about what almost happened at their meeting...

Sodot Du Hast Mich
The first official challenge (excluding Ivizzi's) between two Saphirans! Newcomers Ardghal and Asklepios meet head-to-head as they fight over Saphira's vacant Lord position.

Sodot crystal symphony;
Ivizzi calls together the pride for a special event!

Insulted by Alysanne giving her the rank of Baroness, Charmaigne arrives at the Stone Circle with the thought of taking Saphira Oasis Heiress for herself. She is prepared to fight Kari for the rank, but before the Heiress can arrive, High Queen Alysanne storms in with an offer; “Take High Queen.” Alysanne, herself, desiring a break, Charmaigne eventually agrees to take the throne.

Sodot Rcdot Ajdot i think i wanna marry you
It looks like the Jungle has gone to raid Rsorvic, one of the Oasis' allies, in which the High Queen Alysanne has taken to defending one of many lovers her companion, Vermillion. While the Rsorvic man looks to challenge Eric to the death, Alysanne takes it upon herself to call for Rankesh's death! Gasp! Let our prayers be heard that our Aly-Queen live long and prosper!

Sodot Ajdot Gradually Watermelon
Eric Björklund shows up. Trading the paper crown of Askath for a heavier one. As he rises victorious, it would seem most of Saphira isn't pleased. Will the Oasis become deserted, or will there be desserts? Cause you know. Desserts are yummy.






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