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The dry season has set in; clouds, let alone rain, are increasingly rare. The heat is now fierce, the earth hardening and soon to crack, flora beginning to wilt - but as yet no major water sources have dried up.
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The original creator and co-owner of Valoria. Debain continues to manage the server side aspects. Please send all PMs to an Administrator or Co-Administrator instead as Debain is currently on hiatus!
Evil Overlord On Hiatus - Please send all PMs to an Administrator or Co-Administrator instead.
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Tippy and Vyx are the co-owners of Valoria, promoted by Debain after the old staff team left at the beginning of the year. All queries should be directed to the co-owners or, failing that, the admin team.
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The administration team (admin and co-admin) are in charge of helping the co-owners with the day-to-day running of the site, dealing with member concerns and queries, accepting character applications, issuing warnings and managing the staff team.
There are currently no members under this Staff Position.
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Senior Moderators
The senior moderators make up the rest of the senior staff team; their job is to filll in any blanks left by the rest of the staff team, help with processing auditions and take part in admin discussions.
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Sweeper Moderator
The role of the sweeper moderator is to keep the forums as tidy as possible. This includes archiving threads, reviving threads on request, cleaning out table testing threads and studios and keeping the lonely threads topic updated.
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Points Moderator
The points moderator will handle all points requests and will help any players that have questions regarding our point system.
There are currently no members under this Staff Position.
Games Moderator
Our games moderators handle our monthly contests like Character of the Month, Writing Frenzy, Who's Who and so on. They also help the staff team work on new games and events for the site.
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Updater Moderator
Along with the senior staff team (to fill in the gaps), updater moderators should be keeping on top of any page that needs updating; examples of this include birth logs, past kings and queens lists, pride updates, tasks and feathers.
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Senior Fight Judge
A senior fight judge will take up the most important fights and will help train new judges. They will often be the judges for death matches and pride challenges, and are the most experienced of all judges.
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Fight Judge
A fight judge has proven themselves to be able to handle judging fights on their own. They will often handle the less important fights but may judge the more important ones if asked by a senior judge to do so.
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Trainee Judge
Senior judges will select members from the community to be added to the judge team. These members have usually been around for a while, have a good knowledge of the PVP system and have completed a few fights of their own.
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Hosted by Infinite-Muse, Valoria was created by Debain and is co-owned by Roman. See our Staff Team for contact information. RP Content is copyrighted © to their respective owners.
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