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The dry season has set in; clouds, let alone rain, are increasingly rare. The heat is now fierce, the earth hardening and soon to crack, flora beginning to wilt - but as yet no major water sources have dried up.
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Other Characters: Maui Merida Pixie Rosefall Styx Tamu(legend) Sera Elinor

Threadlog Riverwish's Profile
Name: Riverwish

Age: 8 years

Born: June yr 7

Rank: Lady

Alignment: Neutral Good

Sex: Female ()

Build: Large

Eye Colour: Blue

Fur Colour: Black



Covered head to tail in black fur. Eyes the color of the sea. Her tail tip is the color of russet closely to her father's tail tip. Various scars lay on her body in various places. hex codes:

4e2f2d tail

0505ff eye

000000 pelt

height: 4'0

length: 5'9


rebellious, polite, stubborn, adventurous

Eridanus Zero x Kesare Livius-Draconia - Riverwish, Scorpio Zero and Switchfoot Zero


X Prometheus Frei - Versuch(F,D) and Styx (f) - Feb yr 12 X Prometheus Frei Gilbert(m), Zero(m), and Ahlai(f) June yr 13

Too much to tell

X Been in Valoria for a full ic year without leaving at any point.

X Be born inside Valoria.

— Die as an elder..

— Either die at Spectra's Tree or be taken there after death.

— Your character is given a funeral or ceremony after this death.

— Have won Lion of the Month..

— Have 25 or more Feather Rewards..

— Have 1000 or more points..

X Have been a Leader at some point..

— Have 1000 or more posts..

X Have earned a master task.

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