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The dry season has set in; clouds, let alone rain, are increasingly rare. The heat is now fierce, the earth hardening and soon to crack, flora beginning to wilt - but as yet no major water sources have dried up.
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Threadlog Vermillion Tollaire-Vadimus's Profile
Name: Vermillion Tollaire-Vadimus

Age: 3 Years

Born: Dec Y11

Rank: Heir

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Sex: Male (Gendered Male)

Build: Large

Eye Colour: Green

Fur Colour: Dark

realized dragon

I made a promise for a change, a revolution in the night
like a flower dark and blooming from my love, not light

Large Build ( 4'2 8'0 500lbs )
Sea Foam Green Eyes
Dark Pelt
Underbelly Lightens
Russet and Black Mane

Horizontal Scars over Nose Bridge
Scars over Right Eye
Scars down Left Forelimb (Shoulder to Ankle)
Missing both Left Canines

These ever twisting days are blackening
the dark, it starts to turn into dreams
SUMMARY // He is the dragon's heart- fiery, strong and wild. A heart shows its passion, a heart feels its passion with every fiber of its being for better or worse. Fueling him or destroying him mercilessly. Vermillion is all or nothing, he is not a man of halves when he does something it's with every ounce of all that he is. React? He'll come back ten-fold with a hotter fire and so back and forth- building his own internal blaze upon the pyre you've built in there. Equally capable of the opposite, a heart loves immensely and fully if it's allowed to do so. Showing love, affection, all come naturally, without thought. Fuel the fire with love and compassion and the beast within readily returns it to you- there is not a fiercer creature when it comes to those he loves than Vermillion. Willing to fight tooth and nail alongside his horde, alongside the family he stumbled into and who taught him how strong his love could make him. The hardest creature for him to feel love for is himself. Self-doubt and depression consume him and the apparent beating red healthy heart in actuality is black within. He has no pride for himself, no real love to afford himself. He does not view himself as one who deserves it and prepares each day for others to realize this. The heart is quick to snap and quick to anger at the slightest sign of this- perhaps fulfilling a prophecy it set upon itself. Reactive and volatile he'd rather rip the assumed toxins from his life before they can do it themselves.

he is heavy metal remixes of anime opening themes


Mates: Brighid, Siggy
Daughters: Velibor ( x Shukura )
Caoimhe ( x Brighid ) *adopted
Duvessa, Vevinna ( x Brighid )
Vár, Valesca ( x Siggy )
Sons: Skjae ( x Shukura )

Birth Mother: ???
Birth Father: ???
Blood Siblings: ???

Mother: Vedette Tollaire-Vadimus
Father: Smaug Tollaire


(Vedette x Smaug)
Alatar , Ancalagon , Maddox ,
Ariadne , Persephone , Erenvel ,
Hera , Arsinoe

(Ashelia x Smaug)
Saeros , Durin , Khamul ,
Mnemosyne , Istaroth , Scatha
Tarien , Aeglosseth , Belladonna

(Scheherazade x Smaug)
Marzban , Nidhogg

(Romah x Smaug)
Siel , Toro

(Lisbet x Smaug)
Balerion , Ludvig , Sienna ,

Nieces & Nephews:
(Saeros x Rhaella)
Rhavaniel , Morghul , Northrien

Aunts & Uncles:
(via Vedette)
Umbra , Aphrodite

(via Umbra)
Ntombi , Lolita , Sosthene ,
Ghislain , Dragana , Léonie

(via Aphrodite)
Kye , Jojen , Margot ,
Euphrosyne , Sandor , Javier ,


x Vermillion vs Ira (dominance) - won
x Vermillion vs Istaroth (dominance) - draw
x Vermillion vs Ekaitz (spar) - lost
x Vermillion vs Nikiri (dominance) - lost
x Vermillion vs Eyrie (spar) - lost
x Vermillion vs Nikiri (spar) - won
x Vermillion vs Brighid (spar) - won
x Vermillion vs Gwyn (for SunFall) - won
x Vermillion vs Nikiri (maim) - draw
x Vermillion & Hera vs Keith (dominance) - won
x Vermillion vs Keith (maim) - won
x Vermillion vs Ana (freedom) - won
x Vermillion vs Rankesh (Rsorvic Crater) - won
x Vermillion vs Skulltula (Skulltula) - won
x Vermillion vs Medusa (Skirmish) - won


post log


x Win a fight which you started w/ Skulltula
x Take part in a raid or skirmish x
x Spar against someone for practice w/ Eyrie
x Win a battle against a higher ranked character w/ Gwyn (King)
x Take part in 3 fights 1, 2, 3

x Win a fight that you did not start vs Rankesh (for RC)
x Teach someone else to fight. w/ Caoimhe
x Protect someone from danger w/ Ilya
x Defend a pride member against a theft challenge vs Ardghal
x Stop a character from trespassing Rankesh

x Talk about killing someone with someone else w/ Ilya
☐ Either stalk or find out information about your target
☐ Kill another character
☐ Learn about poisons from a recognized Herbalist
☐ Teach another about poisons


☐ Lead a pride hunt with at least 4 others
☐ Teach a cub/teen how to hunt
☐ Hunt as a duo with someone else
☐ Identify a species of prey by its tracks
x Discuss hunting tactics with another w/ Vedette & Riverwish

☐ Give someone a fish you have caught
☐ Teach someone how to fish
☐ Fish in two different locations
☐ Survey a body of water for fish
☐ Do some swimming practice

☐ Have a conversation about pride supplies
☐ Track and monitor the herds in the plains
☐ Store some food for the pride
☐ Scavenge some food from the lands
☐ Give another character food from the prides Cache


☐ Ward off a dangerous creature from the pride
☐ Greet 5 strangers at the pride borders 1 2 3
x Explore somewhere new and find something useful w/ Nikiri
x Patrol the prides borders w/ Brighid
x Explore 10 different lands 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

x Do some running training w/ Nikiri
x Race someone to prove your speed and training w/ Nikiri
☐ Run an urgent message or object to another pride
x Outrun an angry creature w/ Umbra & Vedette
☐ Successfully exit a raid or a skirmish

☐ Find out information about a different pride
x Remain hidden in a thread with others w/ Nikiri and Gwyn
☐ Train or take measures to conceal yourself or your scent
☐ Swap information with another recognized spy
☐ Join and spy on an enemy pride


☐ Make someone else laugh
☐ Put on your own unique pride event or show to entertain
☐ Hold a party or something similar
☐ Give your pride leader party suggestions for an event
x Gather and prepare supplies for a party or event w/ Vedette

☐ Host a wedding or funeral
☐ Preach about the spirits
☐ Perform a ritual of some sort
☐ Gather religious items needed to summon a spirit
☐ Summon a spirit

☐ Talk to or teach someone about the weather
☐ Do a spot of stargazing
x Inform someone that bad weather is approaching w/ Vedette
☐ Get caught in bad weather
☐ Witness unusual weather phenomenon (meteor showers, raining animals, rainbows, etc.)


☐ Heal another character
☐ Save a life by using healing skills
☐ Talk to or teach someone healing skills
☐ Heal an official minor maim
☐ Have a follow-up with one of your patients

☐ Talk to or teach someone about herbology
x Collect herbs and plants w/ Nikiri
☐ Use your herbology skills to help someone
x Start and care for an herb garden w/ Nikiri
☐ Dry and store some herbs

☐ Attend a birth
☐ Teach a cub something important
☐ Take more than one cub on an outing or playdate
☐ Play with a cub or teen
☐ Tell a cub or teen a story


☐ Bring five new members into your pride
x Make a claim on a rogue Daya
☐ Steal a new member by winning a challenge
x Visit the Borderlands five times 1 2 3 4 5
☐ Contest anothers claim

☐ Make an alliance or help make one
☐ Talk about relations between the prides
☐ Solve an internal dispute between pride members
☐ Attend an event of an allied pride
☐ Attend a pride challenge of another pride

☐ Give your leader or another leader some advice
☐ Listen to someone's problem and then help them solve it
☐ Have someone act on the advice you give them
☐ Give advice to an allied pride leader
☐ Try to prevent a fight from happening

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