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Infernia Ridge Rsorvic Crater Casinira Plateau Dakori Green Novana Mountain Saphira Oasis Zantera Falls Askath Jungle Luminia Tribe Rogue Band
The dry season has set in; clouds, let alone rain, are increasingly rare. The heat is now fierce, the earth hardening and soon to crack, flora beginning to wilt - but as yet no major water sources have dried up.
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Other Characters: Isis, Nikiri, Juno, Ruko, and Thannatos

Threadlog Nikiri X'uekai's Profile
Name: Nikiri X'uekai

Age: 3 Years

Born: October Yr 11

Rank: Empress

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Sex: Female ()

Build: Small

Eye Colour: Blue

Fur Colour: White


She is the ghost, the pallid succubus hovering over those who slumber. Pure white and pristine is her coat of silk, purity broken only by exotic gray stripes upon her slender shoulders, and stockings upon her forelimbs. Toes which sheath her deadly talons of onyx are each touched by a softer, more delicate hue of gray, a fog which also wraps itself around her belly and chest. Resting on the tip of her angular snout is a pink nose with an ashen blaze sweeping back toward the center of her regal brow. Upon her crown burns a half mane of fire, thick ruby locks to blaze in the wind and veil her right eye while at rest--leaving one orb of star-light-blue to glare out at the world. While small, weighing 315lbs, standing 3’2” tall and 4’10” long, she is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with.

Aggressive | Passionate | Farsighted | Ambitious | Effeminate | Callous | Narcissistic | Vindictive | Nefarious

Father: Wocky Demodras
Mother: Zuri Ndaiye
Littermate: Eyrie
Half-siblings (via Wocky):
(x Aphrodite) Jojen, Kye
(x Adele) Devora , Moira , Solomon, Mayfair, Fleur
(x Diônê) Anaïs, Astrid , Clarisse, Thaïs
(x Jojen) Echo
(x Renozuri) Roanoke and Proserpina
Byrn and Layla


Infernia Ridge: Princess (05.08.16 - 06.08.16) Teen (06.08.16 - 06.26.16)
Dakori Green: Teen (06.26.16 - 07.10.16)
Rsorvic Crater: Teen September Year 12
Rsorvic Crater: Baroness November Y12
Dakori Princess: April Y13
Zantera Lioness: June Y13
Rogue Band: Lioness September Y13
Rogue Band: Fights Seraphim for RB Markise October Y 13
Infernia Ridge: Fights Merida for the Crown and emerges victorious as High Queen December Y 13
Infernia Ridge: Gives birth to Jojen's cub, Echo December Y 13
Infernia Ridge: Loses memories and crown after being unable to answer the challenge for the Ridge February Y 14
Infernia Ridge: Gives birth to Renozuri's cubs, Roanoke and Proserpina May Y 14
Infernia Ridge: Challenges and defeats Ilyena for Lady of Infernia June Y 14
Infernia Ridge: Disbands, becomes Rogue January Y 15
Rogue: Gives birth to Renozuri's cubs Byrn and Layla February Y 15
Luminia Tribe: Challenges and defeats Vedette for LT, becoming the new Empress March Y 15

|Throne| - |Dark Places| - |Spitfire| - |Battlefield| - |Monster| - |Warrior| - |Awaken| - |Love the way you Hate me| - |A Little Wicked| - |City of the Dead| - |Whatever it Takes| - |Maddness|


☑ Win a fight which you started Mindless and Careless
☐ Take part in a raid I THINK I WANNA MARRY YOU
☑ Spar against someone for practice Still Polishing
☑ Win a battle against a higher ranked character Pariah Rising!
☑ Take part in 3 fights 1 2 3

☑ Win a fight that you did not start Pariah Rising
☑ Teach someone else to fight.The Lightning in Your Eyes
☑ Protect someone from danger Reanimation
☐ Defend a pride member against a theft challenge.
☑ Stop a character from another pride from trespassing Seeking Damsels

☑ Talk about killing someone with someone else Let’s Show Them we are Better
☐ Either stalk or find out information about your target
☑ Kill another character Soul Eater
☐ Learn about poisons from a recognized Herbalist/Assassin
☑ Teach another about poisons Plants with a Purpose


☐ Lead a pride hunt with at least 4 others
☑ Teach a cub/teen how to hunt Eat or be Eaten
☑ Hunt as a duo with someone else Might be a Killer
☑ Identify a species of prey by its tracks My Shadow is Over You
☑ Discuss hunting tactics with another Hot Dog, Naw Cool Cat

☑ Give someone a fish you have caught what a sad miserable life
☐ Teach someone how to fish
☑ Fish in two different locations River Dancers, Be Careful Making Wishes in the Dark
☐ Survey a body of water for fish
☑ Do some swimming practice Always Gold

☐ Have a conversation about pride supplies
☑ Track and monitor the herds in the plains Opalescent Oracle
☑ Store some food for the pride Once More
☑ Scavenge some food from the lands Red Rain
☑ Give another character food from the pride's cache You belong to me...


☑ Ward off a dangerous creature from the pride Today Is A...
☐ Greet 5 strangers at the pride borders 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
☑ Explore somewhere new and find something useful Stranger than Fiction
☐ Patrol the pride's borders Separated from the Living
☑ Explore 10 different lands River, Rsorvic Crater, Infernia, Rock Pool, Flower Beds, Meadow, Mountains, Rogue Band, Wastelands, Swamp

☑ Do some running training Immortals
☑ Race someone to prove your speed and training Deadbeat
☑ Run an urgent message or object to another Down with the Fallen
☑ Outrun an angry creature But They Have The Numbers
☑ Successfully exit a raid or a skirmish A fondness for you...

☑ Find out information about a different pride Mark the Method
☑ Remain hidden in a thread with others More Time
☑ Train or take measures to conceal yourself or your scent Superbeast
☐ Swap information with another recognized Spy
☑ Spy on another pride The Game


☑ Make someone else laugh HAHA JOKER
☐ Put on your own unique pride event or show to entertain All Your Hands on Me
☑ Hold a party or something similar Teach me how to Dance
☐ Give your pride leader suggestions for an event
☑ Gather and prepare supplies for a party or event Old Gods

☐ Host a wedding or funeral
☑ Talk about the spirits If you Have Ghosts
☑ Perform a ritual of some sort x
☑ Gather religious items needed to summon a spirit Sacrimony
☑ Summon a spirit For the Love of Skulls

☑ Talk to or teach someone about the weatherDemon and Titan
☑ Do a spot of stargazing He ate my heart
☑ Inform someone that bad weather is approaching Silent Contempation
☑ Get caught in bad weather NOXIOUS
☑ Witness unusual weather phenomenon Hours after Midnight


☑ Heal another character Show me your Demons
☑ Save a life by using healing skills Darkness Approaches Swiftly
☑ Talk to or teach someone healing skills Someone’s Thinking of Me...
☐ Heal an official maim The Deepest Cut
☑ Have a follow-up with one of your patients Reach

☑ Talk to or teach someone about herbology Lost Whispers
☑ Collect herbs and plants Whispers...
☑ Use your herbology skills to help someone Aloe me to Heal You
☑ Start and care for an herb garden Life
☑ Dry and store some herbs Burnt to a Crisp

☑ Attend a birth Everything is Blue
☐ Teach a cub something important Mentally Prepared
☐ Take more than one cub on an outing or playdate Roll the Bones
☑ Play with a cub or teen The adventure begins
☑ Tell a cub or teen a story Corpse Chorus


☑ Bring five new members into your pride Wraith, Something poked me..., Beautiful People, BURN DOWN THE HOUSE, Titans & Queens
☑ Make a claim on a rogueTime passes slowly when you’re gone
☐ Steal a new member by winning a challenge
☑ Visit the Borderlands five times lonely;, Wraith, Beautiful People, The Spirit Sage, in the daylight hours
☑ Contest another's claim down on the west coast

☑ Make an alliance or help make one They Say...
☐ Talk about relations between the prides Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
☐ Solve an internal dispute between pride members
☑ Attend an event of an allied pride Throw the Party...
☑ Attend a pride challenge of another pride The Depths...

☑ Give your leader or another leader some advice Machine Guns Ready to Go
☑ Listen to someone's problem and then help them solve it Hunt or Be Hunted
☑ Have someone act on the advice you give them Frozen Over
☐ Give advice to an allied pride leader
☐ Try to prevent a fight from happening

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