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The dry season has set in; clouds, let alone rain, are increasingly rare. The heat is now fierce, the earth hardening and soon to crack, flora beginning to wilt - but as yet no major water sources have dried up.
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Threadlog Aphrodite Demodras-Syngéneia's Profile
Name: Aphrodite Demodras-Syngéneia

Age: 7 years

Born: June Year 8

Rank: High Queen


Sex: Female ()

Build: Large

Eye Colour: Pink

Fur Colour: Black

Amazon Viper


Black fur
pink eyes
half mane(black/maroon) & tail
gray nose blaze, eye circles & dorsal strip
gray right toes
large build(4'0height, 5'9width, 420lbs)
Cub Hood: Fur black as the night sky wrapping around her like silk. Smooth, perfect, u n t o u c h e d. She was born the daughter of the night, marked by the kiss of the gods. It is clear, as a child, that she will be large in size [ to the max of the lioness scale ] by her over sized paws that cause her to stumble each time she walks. She bares the markings of her ancestors [ both Zero and her Mother's ]. Upon her nose is a gray nose blaze, a marking from her Zero ancestors, stopping half way up her nose before blending into her inky fur once more. Surrounding rose bud eyes is another Zero trait, gray circles that cause her beloved rose eyes bloom with an ever growing curiosity. Along her back is a dorsal stripe [ gray like most of her markings ] though most do not know where this marking comes from, some say it is from her Zero heritage or her Mother's unknown history but it goes down her back to the base of her tail before once more disappearing into the darkness of her nightly pelt. Her last marking is an odd one, where only her right toes are that same gray that the rest of her markings are. The tip of her tail is a dual color, a mixture inky black and blood.

Teen Hood: Her large paws have grown into her body. Her fluff fur that was once keeping her warm and soft during her months as a cub [ a c h i l d ] and stayed closed to her Father and siblings. Her cub fat has begun to leave and her form [ lady-like ] in lean curves. She grows in height. On top of her head, unlike her cub months, the tip of red shows on her forehead; signs of a mane that will surely come into the coming months [ years ].

Adult Hood: By now she has been shaped into a glorious and gorgeous woman. Inky fur is kept to perfection and all her cub fat is gone. Her form is lean and drawn with curves. On top of her head, her mane has grown and turned into ebony waves dipped in blood. Her bangs covering over her right rose colored eye and has begun to grow past her chin. Along the left side of her inky neck her mane begins to form once more, laying across along her neck nicely and in waves. However with in her years of being in Valoria [ fighting ] she has earned scars. She has six scars along her chest, three of which are going from the right to the left and the other three going in the opposite direction forming an 'X' on her chest. At the base of her tail are teeth marks from her battle with Axilya, as well as a scar that goes from one hip to the next from a fall she had at the Southern Peaks at the ripe age of one. One her nose, Aphrodite has three scars that go from the middle of her marking towards the pink tip of her nose from a Sparing practice she had with a fellow pride mate while she was Queen of the Ridge. Under her left eye, Aphrodite has a tear like scar. Puncture wounds on her left shoulder blade. However, she has newer to scars now, along her right ankle from a most recent battle [ scars across her ankle that will never disappear ]. New Scars: 3 more scars going down the center of her chest making a * almost

I'm gonna love you
Until you hate me


Blood Thirsty
Dominate in her own right
Like any growing child, she is curious of the world around her. Traveling from the den only so far as the border before stopping to return home. She does not show fear, that is clear, nor have it as she travels further and further away from home within the first few months. She finds friends and quickly learns that she is stubborn. Once Aphrodite has made up her mind it is hard and rare for it to change. It is also clear that Aphrodite believed that her blood was of royalty and didn't let anyone change her mind. Now, as she got older and into her teen months Aphrodite began to close off from her family and friends [ except for one sibling named Aries ] and becoming emotionally detached. She didn't show much emotion but made friends rather quickly. Keeping to herself but loyal to her family and friends. She is silent most of the time, choosing to keep silent so that she can find the weakness of her enemies. However, Aphrodite has been known to speak the cold hard truth whether anyone liked it or not.

At the age of year one, Aphrodite came into a habit of blood lust. At first she couldn't control it but that didn't matter as she soon found a mentor to train her. For a while, Aphrodite found that it was stronger in battle and learned quickly that she enjoyed the idea of fighting [ of feeling her enemy bow ]. She got out of control for a while until she was able to find her sanity again. With her age, Aphrodite has grown wise and has learned that most of the time the way to victory is not in war but in silence. She has learned to calculate and find her enemies weakness and bury them beneath it. She is wise and advises those that allow her to [ kings, queens, anyone really ] without truly ruling. Nowadays, Aphrodite is rather protective of her family and friends especially her twin daughters. She fights for what she loves and would easily kill for them.

And I'm gonna show you
What's really crazy


Elpis ~ Daughter
Yoshirou ~ Son
Kye ~ Son
Jojen ~ Son
Euphrosyne ~ Daughter
Margot ~ Daughter
Sandor ~ Son
Pazuzu ~ Daughter
Javier ~ son
Aphrodite is the last daughter of Eridanus Zero and Centuria. Born along side her three brothers; Aries, Skyfall and Koysta. However she is taken in by Crow. Her first husband was Wocky Demodras where they had four children; Elpis, Yoshi, Kye and Jojen. Aphrodite had other lovers such as; Thorsten who she now has two twin daughters with - Euphrosyne and Margot. Her love interest in the past have been Desolation and Rhoe; both disappearing. Presently, Aphrodite has not found any man who could prove his worth without abandoning her and keeps to herself. Will have one more litter with Crowley Casimir. She is Zero by blood and has many siblings through her Father. Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

☐ Family: Vedette, Hera, Elpis, Crowley, Sandor, Javier, Pazuzu, Jojen, Kye, Bronte, Crow, Orpheus
☐ Mate(s): Wocky, Takara II, Orpheus
☐ Lover(s): Desolation, Rhoe, Thorsten, Crowley
☐ Likes: Takara, Vedette, Vermillion, Brighid, Orpheus
☐ Interested in: Orpheus, Lucien
☐ Wary of: Rankesh, Eric
☐ Loathes: Nikiri, Renozuri & all of Luminia right now

You should've known better
Then to mess with me, heartache


Current Rank: High Queen
Current Pride: Zantera Falls
Pride History ~ CP, IR, ZF, IR, Rogue, AJ, IR, CP, IR, LT, Rogue, ZF
Rank History ~ CP Cub/Teen, IR Duchess, ZF Prisoner, IR Queen/Baroness, AJ Lioness/Queen, IR Lioness, LT Lioness?Heiress, Rogue, ZF High Queen
JUNE YR8: Aphrodite was born to the once known king - Eridanus Zero - and his Amazon wife - Centuria. She was the last and only daughter of the inky couple. Aphrodite was born along side three brothers; Aries, Skyfall and Kostya in a neutral territory called the Brook. However, Aphrodite would never get to know her mother as she ended up dying in child birth as well as protecting her last litter from a group of Hyena's. Her father ultimately trusted Imara to raise the children [ though they would know who their true mother was ] alongside her own. At the time of her birth, Aphrodite's Uncle Hazmat Zero was the King of Casinira and that was where she stayed with her siblings before her father to his own prideland; becoming King of Zantera Falls. Even though she was moved there, Aphrodite was never [i]officially[/i] part of the pride and ultimately ended up staying in Casinira as she grew older.

JUNE YR9: Shortly before her first birthday, Aphrodite met a prince [ Wocky Demodras ] and began to grow feelings for him. They become fast friends before her accident where Lacuna and Wocky find her at the bottom of the Southern Peaks [ where she escapes death the first time ] and everything changes. She tells Wocky that she loves him, wants to marry him some day which ultimately lands her in the Ridge where Hazmat and Rythian agree to release her and form an alliance through marriage. It is there she learns of her blood lust, the barbarians and how much she has missed.

JULY YR10: Fire rocks cause them to flee before they finally return. Wocky quickly reclaims the Ridge, giving her the crown to be his Queen. She has made enemies and friends rather quickly but it doesn't stop her. Within their month of returning, Aphrodite has adopted two different children. First, being Elpis as a teen, finding her at the borders of the Ridge scared and Aphrodite quickly takes her under her wing. Second, was Yoshi, a red cub that was only a month old that had chosen to stay with Aphrodite. Aphrodite gives Yoshi his name to keep the Zero's name in the present and to not lose him to the Demodras tradition.

MAY YR10: Aphrodite finds Axilya [ her #1 enemy ] trying to claim her daughter Elpis and ultimately gets into a fight to bare children, losing but Axilya spares her with a threat. Within moments she is back to Wocky telling him that she is pregnant and ends up handing the crown over to Zuri [ one of her sister wives and best friend at the time ] to become Baroness and not have a target on her back.

APRIL YR11: Labor pains hit her hard and fast, but soon Aphrodite gives birth to two boys that her and Wocky name Jojen and Kye. Kye being the oldest and a perfect mixture of the parents; black with red hot socks and Jojen being the youngest [ somewhat smaller ] and looking much more like Wocky but with Aphrodite's dorsal stripe proving that they are both Demodras. However, Aphrodite does give birth to one more child, a still born daughter that breaks her heart and Wocky ends up giving their daughter to the Ridge Gods as a sacrifice.

AUGUST YR11: Once she had healed up probably, Aphrodite takes back her crown as Queen but not before Wocky confesses that he has slept with someone she does not like [ Adele ] for political reason and though she is pissed she does not take it out like Zuri does; she had other ways.

MAY YR12: A year has nearly passed and with nothing causing her temper to flare, Aphrodite is at peace. That is, until Wocky becomes ill and her first thought is Axilya has poisoned her husband. Wocky hands over the crown to Iborcand [ she stays Queen ] who shows promises up until the pride disbands and Aphrodite is released from her chains. Throughout her months of solitude and freedom, Aphrodite has caused plenty of problems for everyone and nearly loses her sanity and giving up on anything [ yet again escaping death ] before Wocky comes and returns her back to reality.

OCTOBER YR14: Aphrodite has long last returned to the real world. First being just an Askath Lioness to being its Lady and soon it's Queen alongside her son; Jojen. But that all fails when he disappears and another takes his place. However, Aphrodite is released with her two daughters [ who she had a one night stand with Thorsten for ] and returns to the Ridge. However, during the raid Crowley led to gain the Ridge back from Nikiri Aphrodite is taken from the Ridge and back into Casinira before it too shortly disbands and she is once more returned to the Ridge. Now, this is where she resides until further notice.

NOVEMBER YR14: Merida - one of Rythian's wives - calls for the Demodras family to reunite and become strong again. Though she doesn't exactly call herself its Matriarch it is Nikiri who takes a stand. For a bit, Aphrodite allows the white woman to speak freely until something snaps and she takes Nikiri up on her fight. Coming out victorious, Aphrodite is now the new Demodras Matriarch until a worthy male comes of age to take his rightful place as the Demodras Patriarch!

OCTOBER YR14: Becomes pregnant with Crowley's children as a political agreement for their families. Makes a visit to Rsorvic Crater to see about family alliances, but runs into Smaug to make them official.

JANUARY YR15: Aphrodite gives birth to three children; two sons and a daughter. She has yet to name them as she is waiting for Crowley to come so that they can name them together. Crowley names their daughter Pazuzu and leaves the males to Aphrodite whom she names Sandor and Javier. She also makes it known that she will stay in the swamps with her sister until the cubs are old enough to travel far.

FEBRUARY YR15: Becomes Luminia Heiress. Runs into the Ghost of her former best friend/sister Wokabi Maat and comes to a realization that she may have loved Wokabi more than just family. Later on in the month, the Heiress runs into Takara who leans on her for support and Aphrodite feels a feeling she hasn't had since Wocky. What could this be? A call for Vedette's crown comes from Nikiri herself and Aphrodite is highly pissed off. What will happen if Nikiri wins? Or will Vedette keep her crown? Vedette looses the crown which makes Nikiri the new Empress and Aphrodite is not happy.

MARCH YR15: Aphrodite meets the halfling Spencer in the Chambers and begins to teach her the common tongue and is impressed at Spencer's learning capabilities for being so young. Zantera disbands and Aphrodite tries to claim it, only to be challenged by a male. Will she become High Queen or stay as Heiress? Aphrodite reigns as the new Zantera High Queen.

APRIL YR15: A slew of challenges for different lions, or lioness, have began to be called out. Aphrodite prepares for war by getting her pride mates ready with an event. Aphrodite is prepared for anything.

MAY YR15: Aphrodite runs into Bronte who offers her the name her mother [ Centuria ] had held all those years before her death and Aphrodite gladly takes it. Connecting her and Bronte even more. Finds her mother, Crow, body in the falls below the waterfall lifeless. Tries to rescue her and fails. Her heart breaks as she licks her mother dry along her little sister. Her niece is there to comfort her but it's to late. Aphrodite takes her mother's body, after claiming Drongo into the Falls, to the Tree for a proper burial.

JUNE YR15: Turns seven. In the process of everything chaos. Aphrodite is found fighting for her Queen's freedom to stay in Zantera before she is called to defend her crown from Renozuri. Ends up making a deal with Renozuri, giving him the place as King beside her which in return has Hera pissed and she looses Sandor to the Tribe, which Aphrodite isn't to concerned about that.

AUGUST YR15: Aphrodite de-motes Renozuri as King and gives the title to Orpheus, naming Jojen her Heir. Later on she confesses her love for Orpheus and they become mates but before that she realizes she is pregnant but b o t h Copilas and Renozuri's children. How will this turn out?

I'm gonna lie to you
I'm gonna lie to you


Wins: 1
Losts: 3
Default Losts: 1
Default Wins: 4
Tasks: Rationer
⚔ Victories & Defeats ☠

Spirit 6/5
x Been in Valoria for a full ic year without leaving at any point.
x Be born inside Valoria.
☐ Die as an elder.
☐ Either die at Spectra's Tree or be taken there after death.
☐ Your character is given a funeral or ceremony after this death.
☐ Have won Lion of the Month.
x Have 25 or more Feather Rewards.(28/25)
x Have 1000 or more points.
x Have been a Leader at some point.
x Have 1000 or more posts.
☐ Have earned a master task.

Legend 4/5
x Make 1500 posts.
x Earn 3000 points.
☐ Win 1 judged Death Match.
☐ Win 5 judged fights.
x Be a leader for 1 IC year (Over time).
x Be active on Valoria for 2 IC years (No drops).
☐ Earn 35 or more feather rewards.(28/35)
☐ Earn all master tasks.
☐ Become a great grandparent.
☐ Participate in 2 raids or skirmishes (i. click me)
☐ Explore all territories.

Deity 0/2
☐ Earn all grand-master tasks.
☐ Be a leader for 3 IC years (Over time).
☐ Be on valoria for 5 IC years (No drops).
☐ Win 3 fully judged DM's.
☐ Become a great-great-grandparent.
☐ Make 3000 posts.
☐ Have 40+ feather rewards. (25/40)



☐ Win a fight which you started
x Take part in a raid/skirmish
x Spar against someone for practice
☐ Win a battle against a higher ranked character
☐ Take part in 3 fights (i, ii, iii)

x Win a fight that you did not start
☐ Teach someone else to fight.
☐ Protect someone from danger
☐ Defend a pride member against a theft challenge
☐ Stop a character from an enemy pride from trespassing

☐ Talk about killing someone with someone else
☐ Either stalk or find out information about your target
☐ Kill another character
☐ Learn about poisons from a recognized Herbalist
☐ Teach another about poisons


☐ Lead a pride hunt with at least 4 others
x Teach a cub/teen how to hunt
x Hunt as a duo with someone else
x Identify a species of prey by its tracks
☐ Discuss hunting tactics with another

x Give someone a fish you have caught
x Teach someone how to fish
x Fish in two different locations (i, ii)
x Survey a body of water for fish
x Do some swimming practice

x Have a conversation about pride supplies
x Track and monitor the herds in the plains
x Store some food for the pride
x Scavenge some food from the lands
x Give another character food from the pride's cache


☐ Ward off a dangerous creature from the pride
☐ Greet 5 strangers at the pride borders (i, ii, iii, iv, v)
☐ Explore somewhere new and find something useful
x Patrol the prides borders
x Explore 10 different lands (i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, viii, ix, x)

x Do some running training
☐ Race someone to prove your speed and training
☐ Run an urgent message or object to another pride
☐ Outrun an angry creature
☐ Successfully exit a raid or a skirmish

☐ Find out information about a different pride
x Remain hidden in a thread with others
x Train or take measures to conceal yourself or your scent
☐ Swap information with another recognized spy
☐ Join and spy on an enemy pride


☐ Make someone else laugh
☐ Put on your own unique pride event or show to entertain
☐ Hold a party or something similar
☐ Give your pride leader party suggestions for an event
☐ Gather and prepare supplies for a party or event

☐ Host a wedding or funeral
x Preach about the spirits
x Perform a ritual of some sort
x Gather religious items needed to summon a spirit
☐ Summon a spirit

☐ Talk to or teach someone about the weather
x Do a spot of stargazing
☐ Inform someone that bad weather is approaching
x Get caught in bad weather
x Witness unusual weather phenomenon


☐ Heal another character
☐ Save a life by using healing skills
☐ Talk to or teach someone healing skills
☐ Heal an official minor maim
☐ Have a follow-up with one of your patients

☐ Talk to or teach someone about herbology
☐ Collect herbs and plants
☐ Use your herbology skills to help someone
☐ Start and care for an herb garden
☐ Dry and store some herbs

☐ Attend a birth
☐ Teach a cub something important
☐ Take more than one cub on an outing or playdate
☐ Play with a cub or teen
☐ Tell a cub or teen a story


☐ Bring five new members into your pride (i, ii, iii,iv, v)
☐ Make a claim on a rogue (not an invite)
☐ Steal a new member by winning a challenge
☐ Visit the Borderlands five times (i, ii, iii, iv, v)
☐ Contest another's claim

x Make an alliance or help make one
☐ Talk about relations between the prides
☐ Solve an internal dispute between pride members
☐ Attend an event of an allied pride
x Attend a pride challenge of another pride

☐ Give your leader or another leader some advice
☐ Listen to someone's problem and then help them solve it
☐ Have someone act on the advice you give them
☐ Give advice to an allied pride leader
☐ Try to prevent a fight from happening

I'm gonne love you
Until you hate me

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