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I See Fire
By Eric · 2 posts
Come One, Come All
By Brighid · 1 posts
Dusk till Dawn
By Xhosa · 8 posts
don't you sometimes feel like breaking the halos?
By Hazmat · 16 posts
If you wanna kill one of us; You have to kill us all
By Brighid · 8 posts
By Kaspar · 16 posts
By Rhoe · 8 posts
I'd Like To Be Something
By Kirja · 0 posts
By Amon · 0 posts
born to be wild,
By Devante · 5 posts
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May '17 Profile Contest Winners!
Best Layout: Thorben
Best Written: Diônê

PLOT NEWS — July Year 14
Things are boiling up in the summer heat, and while the earth is cooling down just a bit, tensions between prides seem to still be skyrocketing. With the ties between the Larsen strongholds and the Ridge depending upon Infernian King Smaug’s reaction to these allegations of kidnapping, and the growing intensity between the Rogue Band and Rsorvic Crater, how will things spell out between the Larsens and the Tollaires? But it seems not everything is causing bad blood between these families—Tollaire Patriarch Smaug and Lisbet Larsen are now happily married! Talk about celebrity drama. And speaking of drama, former Rogue Band Heir Rankesh finds himself out of a job, no thanks to his antics at Rsorvic! With the plague running rampant, the search for missing lions continue. Kito is finally returned to her rightful home in Askath, and the long-lost Luminian Empress Fionnuala is safely reunited with her lovers Pemphero and Lecktor. Only time will tell what happens now, with the plague running rampant, and even more tension on the horizon…
CHALLENGE ALERTS Pride Challenges:
Lioness Challenges:
Eventide vs Icas (Nisha)
Renozuri vs Lucille (Raine)
Paris vs ??? (Freedom)
Youth Challenges:
Rank Challenges:
Daya vs Chimala (Baroness)
Skulltula vs Chrysanthemum (Lady)
Nikiri vs Ilyena (Lady)
Brighid vs Siggy (Duchess)
Lisbet vs ??? (Queen)
Maim Matches:
Erusën vs Jojen (Facial Scarring, Minor Maim)
Devante vs Eric (Eye Removal, Major Maim)
Death Matches:

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Out of Character
145 topics . 1,158 posts
Thinking of joining? Well everything in this area is going to be useful for you. If you are new to Valoria then you will find all of our rules, guidelines, general information and joining instructions here. Also when you are finally ready to become an active member of the site this is where you audition.
Maccailín, Jamie
37 minutes ago
by Muse
75 topics . 485 posts
Welcome to the chillout zone! You can talk about anything you like in here whether it is Valoria related or not. Start a game or take part in one of the sites many contests. If you are new this is also a great place to make your introductions or just generally gossip and have fun.
8 hours ago
by Megan
456 topics . 2,917 posts
A place for all character and site related topics including somewhere to store post logs, relation logs and any graphics. You can also use this section to make your own thread and plot requests or even plan or read up on the various pride plots in progress.
Denmaster Event Series
1 hour ago
by Zay
101 topics . 460 posts
Need anything changed on the site like a page or your status? Or maybe you need to update us, like letting us know whether you're absent or not! There is a different topic for each type of update so if you want points, rewards or a cub request just let us know in the right place or use the maintenance thread for anything else.
1 hour ago
by Riot
111 topics . 921 posts
Want a picture, postscript, icon, avatar or template for your character? Well this is the place to come for requesting help. Unless of course you want to help out the graphically changed or shower other players with gifts! Anything graphics related can be found in this area.
Yesterday, 10:41 PM
by Swan

Claiming Grounds
71 topics . 628 posts
To the west of Valoria lies a barren desert that stretches for miles over low-lying flat terrain. It is the only easy route into Valoria: all other sides of the valley are barred by steep mountain slopes. The borderline of the valley is marked by a dry riverbed, its ground cracked and broken with small slopes on either side.
3 hours ago
by Vermillion

72 topics . 613 posts
Embedded into the mountains to the north the Infernia Ridge is a large jutting rock that forms a small plateau. Several rocky paths lead up to from the sides to the top where a medium sized cave provides a good pride den. Below the ridge is a small stream and a few trees, enough water and shade the pride requires.
S W I T C H .
1 hour ago
by Rhoe
53 topics . 396 posts
Created by an unknown impact, a crater has formed. But within the very heart of the devastation, a wild growth has grown. Providing the lions that call Rsorvic Crater, located in the foothills of the southern mountains, with ample shelter. Due to the formation of the crater itself any cresting the ridge may be seen as silhouettes against the sky-scape.
If you wanna kill one of ...
26 minutes ago
by Brighid
36 topics . 229 posts
Rising high above the rest of the valley, the open woodlands of Casinira have become the chosen home to a pride of lions. Bisecting the standing of trees flows a creek that provides the essential nutrients to both flora and fauna. While the trees provide shelter, the occasional cave can also be found hidden amongst the roots and branches.
where it all began
Today, 02:20 AM
by Takara II
77 topics . 542 posts
The green is a pleasant little copse of trees on the edge of a branch of the main river. The stream is not very deep, shallow enough to wade through but in such an arid land it has made a huge difference allowing these trees to grow and a small green meadow that belts around the edge of Dakori territory.
I'd Like To Be Something
37 minutes ago
by Kirja
87 topics . 593 posts
On one of the highest points of Valoria, the slopes of Novana Mountain is home to a pride that has found their home on its slope. Plush grasses carpet the slope, trees of towering greenery provide shade for the lions living on it. Caves peek out of the face, and the sound of a waterfall tumbling from some kind if inside source cover the area.
1 hour ago
by Absalon
20 topics . 165 posts
Located in the drier southern end of the valley the Saphira Oasis is a collection of small crystal clear pools of water in the sand at the very end of the river. Various rocks and trees are scattered sparsely around the territory and even the occasional small cave can be found in some of the rocks by the side of the pools.
home away from home
Yesterday, 11:42 PM
by Pallas
23 topics . 202 posts
To the far eastern reaches of Valoria is the falls of Zantera. Multiple small streams cut through the rocky pridelands creating small waterfalls and pools of fresh water everywhere. Patches of jungle are scattered between these rock and water divides giving the inhabitants of Zantera plenty of shade as well as several small caverns.
2 hours ago
by Vedette
38 topics . 403 posts
Surrounded by the river and swamp the Askath Jungle is never short on water. Tropical trees grow tall covering the entire territory with a large green canopy all year round. Within the jungle there are several small clearings allowing light to reach the ground and plenty of small streams running through.
54 minutes ago
by Amon

Neutral Territory
121 topics . 1,189 posts
Practically right in the middle of the lands rests a large opening surrounded by tall and spaced out rocks. These rocks provide the perfect shelter for spectators to watch the matches that unfold within this arena. Fights for dominance or even just sparring can happen here, but one should never turn their back for the risk of dangers lurking.
26 minutes ago
by Kaspar
67 topics . 497 posts
Laying to the Eastern region of Valoria rests a beautiful waterfall. The waters are clear and when the light touches just right the reflection causes a myriad of shimmering specks. Legend has it that there are diamonds below the surface, but anyone would know it is far too dangerous to find out for sure. The waterfall leads West to the delightfully cold river.
With Wings on Fire
9 hours ago
by Nikiri
95 topics . 707 posts
Located behind Askath Jungle, being fed on the runoff from the waterfall and river, lies the Swamp. This wetland is made up of muck and spongy earth. One would have to watch their footing, the only land counted as truly stable are at the trunks of trees where the roots give support while the rest is made up of mostly mud that can trap the unwary.
Come One, Come All
7 minutes ago
by Brighid
88 topics . 635 posts
A true spectacle the behold would be the caverns. Positioned to the North-East of Valoria, these caverns seem to be full of mystery. Younger lions enjoy romping about and exploring for hidden treasures. Shaded and cool, it is a popular place to take a snooze. While the caverns nearest to Valoria are typically safe, wandering too far in could certainly be tragic.
Dusk till Dawn
13 minutes ago
by Xhosa
71 topics . 534 posts
Just East of Dakori Green is the small area called the Boulder Towers. These oddly misshapen boulders seem to reach towards the sky, having small ledges that lead towards the top. None have ever reached the top of the towers, but it does make for a good test of endurance. Many come here just for something to do on their free time.
35 minutes ago
by Rhoe
75 topics . 510 posts
The river is certainly gracious, for it spans through out the center of Valoria. The blue waters end at the Waterfall and are the prime suppliers of Saphira Oasis. Some may opt to lounge about, avoiding dangerous currents. Others use the river for drinking water. Whatever the reason, the river is one prime source of survival.
Money, Notoriety, & Rivie...
2 hours ago
by Rebekka
110 topics . 815 posts
During the winter seasons, this area is treacherous and very cold. One could easily lose their grip and send themselves spiralling down a side of ice and snow. In the cooler seasons, the slopes are still a challenge to climb but less of a risk. These provide extra shelter to keep unwanted visitors out from Valoria.
2 hours ago
by Esteri
70 topics . 519 posts
Directly East of the Stone Circle is a wide open area otherwise known as the Savanna Plains. This is the main hunting grounds for the lions of Valoria, and probably the safest as well. It is a popular chill out spot for all of the lions due to the large watering hole in the centre of the plains.
I don't know where you ar...
1 hour ago
by Axel
31 topics . 283 posts
Hidden for centuries, a path located directly south from Zantera Falls has finally been revealed by the violent earth shakes of year eleven. It leads to the lush, mossy base of a very tall and relatively active volcano. Whenever it is preparing to erupt, the earth around the area will begin to shake, warning all within a hundred yards to flee from its mighty wrath.
stay gold ponyboy
Today, 01:53 AM
by Takara II
43 topics . 285 posts
The path that leads to the volcano turned out to have a turn. Grass slowly turns into soft and golden sand accompanied by salt water far in the distance, with nothing else to be seen but the sky meeting the ocean.
I See Fire
3 minutes ago
by Eric

Other Things
16,847 topics . 141,915 posts
Every thread that has been finished with is stored in the archives. Anything from finished in character threads or old out of character ones. You can also find all of the old auditions here.
Look into the Darkness
26-06-2017, 07:58 PM
by Drakon
48 topics . 48 posts
All roleplaying carried out through messaging instead of the forums can be logged here. It is important to create logs, especially when any detrimental events happen that the rest of the site should be aware of or read up on.
31-05-2017, 09:31 AM
by Dragunov
112 topics . 118 posts
Please check our advertising rules before posting and for login details of our guest account to be able to post. If there is a space open in our affiliate section you may also request to have your site exchange links with us, again just check out the rules first before posting.
Visionary Tales
12-06-2017, 05:13 PM
by Visitor

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